In the ninth round of the Premier League
In the ninth round of the Premier League this season Yannick Weber Jersey, Huddersfield took the home 2-1 to win the Mourinho's Manchester United shocked the world. If the victory of this game due in part to the serious injury Manchester United, Mata and Lindeluofu mistakes, tonight, their performance against Manchester City will crush this challenge.

Not hard to figure out, Chelsea's three big abandon will work together this season, 31 assists and 15 assists Anthony Bitetto Jersey, they become the pain of the Blues fans forever. If these three stars do not go, maybe Chelsea's lineup will be more powerful Lukuku, Azar, Debra Neie and Salah completely can form the fantasy quartet offensive line Barret Jackman Jersey, this combination of attacks, inevitably let any Premier League teams are brave. Unfortunately, in the football world, there is no if.

Guardiola in Barcelona during the TIKI-TAKA tactics to carry forward, focusing on possession and passing, and coach Bayern during the three seasons Mike Fisher Jersey, he also will Barcelona's tactics to the Bundesliga overlord who also made a success , Led the Bundesliga championship three times.
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Faced with the main force
Faced with the main force of the main battle and is intended to impact the top 13 points in England's top league record of Manchester City Pontus Aberg Jersey, Huddersfield rely on a solid defensive counterattack to Guardiola's team is a headache. In addition to tight defense, they used the corner kick manufacturing Ota Mende Oolong overtime phase of the first half to successfully lead the halftime. Although in the second half began Manchester City on penalties with the penalty equalizer Olli Jokinen Jersey, but the town of anti-counter-insurgency Guardiola Center for center-defensive tactics.

Conti, who led the Blues 1-1 draw at Liverpool last weekend, said: "The rise of Manchester City is incredible, is not it? I think Manchester City is a strong this season Nashville Predators Jerseys Cheap, and Manchester City last season was good and then In the transfer market, they bought the most wanted player, and then made great progress Matt Carle Jersey.

After coming to Manchester City last season, Melon also aspired to replicate his tactics again, and Manchester City started well last season, but then the record fell, making a big deal. In this summer's transfer market, Guardiola continued to follow their own tactical needs signings, and in his careful tuning, the current Manchester City also had the domination of La Liga and Bundesliga Barcelona and Bayern's shadow.
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Although they eventually lost the game 1-2
Although they eventually lost the game 1-2, but their distinctive offensive and defensive already proved to the world, the town team still has a high fighting spirit and the dream of chasing the glory of professional football.

As a newly promoted Huddersfield, they are one of the least-invested Premiership teams in the summer transfer market. When teams such as Everton and West Ham were aggressively buying, they already introduced eight players cheaply at the end of June and started preparations for the new season Colin Wilson Jersey. Now 13 rounds of truce Petter Granberg Jersey, with 15 points in the league 11th they should not be underestimated, because they have undergone previous Manchester City Duo, Liverpool and Tottenham and other powerful enemies. Team history The first Premiership season will be able to compete in the league title of the most popular Manchester City duo come up with such a stunning performance, we are not beginning to look forward to midweek they guest Emirates Stadium against Arsenal?

Especially in the ball pass more so. The Premiership this season, the first 13 games Filip Forsberg Jersey, Manchester City's average ball rate of 66.1%, Blue Moon is also the highest average ball team, while the ball possession rate ranked second Tottenham only 58.7% over Manchester City A lot lower Viktor Arvidsson Jersey. In the five major European leagues, Manchester City 66.1% of the ball possession rate also ranked first, ranking second in Paris was 63.9%.
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They can still do so in January
They can still do so in January and in the future so we have to worry about ourselves because if we want to compete with Manchester City we have to work and make the best decisions in the market Nashville Predators Jerseys Cheap. If you want to achieve some level, you have to get your team to a good balance Carter Hutton Jersey.

In addition, the number of passes in the Premier League Manchester City also ranked first in the first 13 rounds of the English Premier League, Manchester City, passing the number of times to 9,439, second in the Premier League pass number Arsenal only 7,776 While the third to fifth teams were Liverpool (7453) Stefan Elliott Jersey, Tottenham (7426) and Southampton (6899). Among the five major European leagues, only Paris and Naples made more passes than Manchester City, with 9561 passes in Paris and 10,302 in Naples. But it is worth mentioning that, Paris and Naples, Manchester City played more than one ball, from the average number of passes, Manchester City ranked second in the five major leagues, second only to Naples.

In last night's Manchester City 2-1 reversal of the town of Kazakhstan Matt Cullen Jersey, Stirling first goal assists Aguero goal, and then personally break the score. After the game, Guardiola took the opportunity to fight back last time Wenger said Stirling diving statement: This time Wenger will agree that it is a penalty!
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